Start a Digital Scrapbook Today – Computer Requirements

One of the best approaches to preserve important memories is through a scrapbook. The physical scrapbook is fun to make but it gets tattered with time, and you need to keep creating a new one. Technology allows you to create a digital scrapbook thanks to the variety of scrapbooking software available.

If you find the right artists’ or designers’ laptop to start with, and a good scrapbooking software, you are good to go. Even if you do not know how to create a scrapbook, you can learn how to with a few online tutorials. Read on to learn more.

Scrapbooking Computers

Any computer that can accommodate Photoshop is a good computer for scrapbooking. Most computers considered good for art are perfect for scrapbooking seeing that it is also an art. If you have a computer already, you can use it for scrapbooking by installing the necessary software.

Ensure that you have a computer with high-quality graphics and resolution for scrapbooking software. A large screen makes you create your scrapbook with great precision and also view your book with ease. If you use the computer for other forms of art, ensure you have enough storage to create a complete studio.

Compare computers online in terms of RAM, ROM, and price. If the scrapbooking software requires Windows or Linux, choose a PC. For software that needs Apple OS, pick a Mac.

Scrapbooking Software

There are hundreds of scrapbooking software. The Photoshop Creative Suite is a great option when you need a simple scrapbook for family and friends. If you are an artist making scrapbooks to sell, pick Photoshop Elements as it gives you more features.

Do not be limited to the above two Photoshop apps as there are more choices for you. Consider the features offered by an app such as page flipping, easy photos and videos upload, and cloud storage among others. Again, consider ease of use and price.

An artist will find it easy to buy a scrapbooking program seeing that they will make money from it, but a person looking to keep family photos might find it challenging to buy the software. Luckily, there is a horde of free scrapbooking software for those who do not want to buy. Just choose wisely.

Learn from Tutorials

There are lots of online tutorials, from which one can learn how to scrapbook. Learning how to make a scrapbook is easy. The main thing you will have to learn is how to use a scrapbooking software. Furthermore, a good software will come with user instructions.

There are lots of free resources for a yearning scrapbooker. Some of the most popular include Scrap Girls, Scrap Stacks, Jessica Sprague and Creative Live among others. Learning how to scrapbook will only take a few days, especially for a person who is used to design software.

Have Fun Scrapbooking

You can start scrapbooking today with a simple computer and a good scrapbooking software. You can do this for fun, or you can do it for a living if you are an artist. Digital scrapbooks are long lasting, look lovely, and they also give you the same experience as a physical scrapbook.

Should You Choose In-Home or a Center-Based Staten Island Tutoring Service?

Opting to hire Staten Island tutoring service is a decision parents make with the benefit of their children in mind. For years, a debate has raged on regarding the belief that tutoring might be an indication of failing schools. In simple terms, a large number of people believe there would be no need for tutoring if the school system was effective. You may have an opinion on that too. Regardless, of more concern to you should be the decision on whether your child needs in-home or center-based tutoring service.

In other words, should the tutor come to your home or should you go to a tutoring center?

There are strong points for either of the options.

Ultimately, it is for you to decide what is best for your child since s/he child is the most important person in any tutoring decision or debate.

In Home Tutoring

In-home tutoring is good for many reasons. First, it removes the worries concerning transportation. You never have to worry whether your child will travel safely to and from the tutoring place. It is convenient for the family and the child being tutored. A center-based tutoring creates a few logistical problems for the family. The family has to find a way of transporting the child to the center regardless of distance and any other issue. Often, many times this presents a problem for families that struggle with limited transportation.

In in-home tutoring, the tutor and the family sit down to find a time that is conducive, mostly, to the latter. In short, timing revolves around the family’s convenience, availability, and comfort. The family can change the time depending on its schedule. Nevertheless, timing is also at times influenced by the availability of the tutor.

Center-based Tutoring

In center-based tutoring, the family has no say on the issue of time. The family has to operate with the timings and hours the tutoring center has already come up with, even if that means suffering a bit of inconvenience.

The issue of content also arises when talking about in-home vs. center-based tutoring services. In in-home tutoring, the tutor uses the child’s homework as the basis for the content. Occasionally, the tutor will also rely on a few supplemental aids, especially in moments when the child seems to be falling too further back in some subjects. In center-based tutoring, the tutor/center develops a curriculum, which forms the basis of the content for the tutoring. The curriculum is in addition to the child’s classwork or homework.

Lastly, tutors rely on one-on-one tutoring in the house. At the center, the tutors gather a small group of students and tutor them all at once. Individualized instruction is more prevalent in in-home tutoring. However, it exists in the center-based tutoring, but at a more reduced level. Good tutors offering in-home tutoring often get in touch with the child’s school teachers to find out the young one’s progress. In center-based tutoring, contacts with the child’s school teachers are minimal, if not non-existent.


The decision to use in-home tutoring or center-based tutoring rests on the parents. However, in deciding between the two, make sure you consider what will work better for the child.

If you opt for in-home tutoring, make sure you provide the best environment for study. This means providing the right furniture, lighting, and accessories. Visit Skies the Limit Tutoring to learn more about the Staten Island tutoring services.


Skies the Limit Tutoring Center


Teeth Whitening Light Safety Tips You Must Know

There are different things you can do to attract more clients to your business. Excellent customer service, quality products, good use of social media to enhance customer engagement, and correct pricing are a few measures you can implement for this purpose. What you may not realize is the role personal grooming can also play. Personal grooming includes good oral health. Good oral health is not limited to but also involves teeth whitening.

Therefore, read the best LED teeth whitening light review before buying or using any product.
Pearly white is the color that defines all childhood teeth. However, teeth change color with age. The older you get, the more discolored your teeth will be. The change in color is often the result of the following:
a) Food you eat
b) Poor dental hygiene
c) Environmental factors

As an employer running an art supplies business, you need to set rules for your employees to follow. Some of these rules will touch on dress codes and personal grooming. Employees should be clean and smell nice. Bad body odor is likely to turn customers away, especially when coming from a customer service employee. Discolored teeth and bad teeth can also make customers uncomfortable. The more customers turn away, the more your business is likely to suffer. LED teeth whitening light, therefore, can be a useful thing for your business’ success. Its influence is small compared to poor quality products and services among other factors. However, it doesn’t mean that you or your employees should neglect oral hygiene. The LED teeth whitening light have other advantages too.

Advantages of LED Teeth Whitening Light

Today, discolored teeth should not be a reason for making clients turn away, but the truth is that it does. Granted, the attention should be on the ability to do the task one is assigned. Reality is something different though. Customer attraction and retention hinges on more factors. LED teeth whitening has several advantages. It is more effective than many teeth whitening methods – both in terms of cost and results.
However, the results it produces depends on several factors, which include:
i) Degree of discoloration of the teeth prior to treatment
ii) How much activating gel is used or required
iii) Duration of treatment

LED teeth whitening light guarantees better results compared to any other home-based treatment or remedy you may use. It produces results faster too. Running a business is oftentimes a matter of timing. You have to get the timing of most of the things you do right. Personal grooming needs to start happening today. All workers who interact with clients have to be properly groomed from today; hence, the need for embracing LED teeth whitening now.

Practice Better Oral Care

Even with LED teeth whitening light, you still need to practice excellent oral care. Take good care of your oral health regularly. Remember, it pays to do whatever it takes to make yourself presentable to clients. Impress them with the knowledge of the products and services you offer. Impress them with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Impress them with the quality of answers and solutions you give to their problems.
More importantly, impress clients with your excellent personal grooming and oral health. Demand that those working for your art supplies business maintain high standards of hygiene and recommend teeth whitening.

Why invest in a bathtub lift for your loved ones with mobility problems

People of different ages can have mobility problems arising from different circumstances. They, however, would still appreciate some relaxation time in different places including the bathtub. The mobility challenges might make it difficult for them to get into the bathtubs. However, all is not lost. Aside from your being there to help, a bathtub lift can help your loved one enjoy some time in the tub. When living with or taking care of loved ones who have mobility problems, these items will prove useful and a blessing for both you and your loved one. If you’ve just heard about bathtub lifts and don’t which one to get, don’t worry. You can obtain this information from the list of recommended bathtub lifts at From that list, you can choose whatever appeals to you, buy, install, and use it whenever you or a loved one wishes to take a bath.

Who Needs the Lifts?

Bathtub lifts are ideal for the following groups of people:
a) The elderly
b) The handicapped
c) The injured

People with some level of back pain can benefit from the lifts too. The same goes for individuals who are recuperating from a recent surgery should also consider using bathtub lifts.

The lifts are for people who wish to enjoy a healthy, safe, relaxed, and comfortable bath. Essentially, the lifts are great for people who cannot enter, use, or sit in the bathtub without assistance. They are good for individuals who cannot use or lift their feet up and into the bathtub. The bathtub lifts lower the users into the bathtub to take a bath before lifting them back up out of it once they are through. They do the lowering and lifting gently without causing the user further discomfort or increasing the risk of injury.

Costly but Worthy

Bathtub lifts are costly. They will not exhaust your financial resources, but will make you feel the pain. The financial cost or impact of buying one should not prevent you from actually spending money on it if it is to help a loved one. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Feel free to visit the local art supplies’ store to get a good deal. Yes, you can get one at a good price without traveling to a different city.

Choose Carefully

You should choose your bathtub lifts carefully. It’s important that you know what to look for to avoid buying the wrong item. Consider the size of your bathtub. Go to the store with the measurements. Look at the height and range of the bathtub lift to avoid buying something that will not fit in the bathtub or the bathroom while attempting to drop or lift you into and out of the bathtub. The size of the seat, and the lift’s maneuverability is something worth keeping an eye on too. Check the lift’s battery to ascertain that it will not fail or go off when you need to use it. Do not ignore the importance of buying and using a comfortable lift.

Bathtub Lifts’ Accessories

An excellent bathtub lift should come with a few accessories, which include:
– Recline features
– Side wings
– Lap belts
– Headrests
– Transfer discs

Therefore, visit your local supplies store to check its stock of bathtub lifts. Get the recommended list of the best bathtub lifts at Uplifting Mobility too so that you can buy the best.

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