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Should You Choose In-Home or a Center-Based Staten Island Tutoring Service?

Opting to hire Staten Island tutoring service is a decision parents make with the benefit of their children in mind. For years, a debate has raged on regarding the belief that tutoring might be an indication of failing schools. In simple terms, a large number of people believe there would be no need for tutoring if the school system was effective. You may have an opinion on that too. Regardless, of more concern to you should be the decision on whether your child needs in-home or center-based tutoring service.

In other words, should the tutor come to your home or should you go to a tutoring center?

There are strong points for either of the options.

Ultimately, it is for you to decide what is best for your child since s/he child is the most important person in any tutoring decision or debate.

In Home Tutoring

In-home tutoring is good for many reasons. First, it removes the worries concerning transportation. You never have to worry whether your child will travel safely to and from the tutoring place. It is convenient for the family and the child being tutored. A center-based tutoring creates a few logistical problems for the family. The family has to find a way of transporting the child to the center regardless of distance and any other issue. Often, many times this presents a problem for families that struggle with limited transportation.

In in-home tutoring, the tutor and the family sit down to find a time that is conducive, mostly, to the latter. In short, timing revolves around the family’s convenience, availability, and comfort. The family can change the time depending on its schedule. Nevertheless, timing is also at times influenced by the availability of the tutor.

Center-based Tutoring

In center-based tutoring, the family has no say on the issue of time. The family has to operate with the timings and hours the tutoring center has already come up with, even if that means suffering a bit of inconvenience.

The issue of content also arises when talking about in-home vs. center-based tutoring services. In in-home tutoring, the tutor uses the child’s homework as the basis for the content. Occasionally, the tutor will also rely on a few supplemental aids, especially in moments when the child seems to be falling too further back in some subjects. In center-based tutoring, the tutor/center develops a curriculum, which forms the basis of the content for the tutoring. The curriculum is in addition to the child’s classwork or homework.

Lastly, tutors rely on one-on-one tutoring in the house. At the center, the tutors gather a small group of students and tutor them all at once. Individualized instruction is more prevalent in in-home tutoring. However, it exists in the center-based tutoring, but at a more reduced level. Good tutors offering in-home tutoring often get in touch with the child’s school teachers to find out the young one’s progress. In center-based tutoring, contacts with the child’s school teachers are minimal, if not non-existent.


The decision to use in-home tutoring or center-based tutoring rests on the parents. However, in deciding between the two, make sure you consider what will work better for the child.

If you opt for in-home tutoring, make sure you provide the best environment for study. This means providing the right furniture, lighting, and accessories. Visit Skies the Limit Tutoring to learn more about the Staten Island tutoring services.


Skies the Limit Tutoring Center


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