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Start a Digital Scrapbook Today – Computer Requirements

One of the best approaches to preserve important memories is through a scrapbook. The physical scrapbook is fun to make but it gets tattered with time, and you need to keep creating a new one. Technology allows you to create a digital scrapbook thanks to the variety of scrapbooking software available.

If you find the right artists’ or designers’ laptop to start with, and a good scrapbooking software, you are good to go. Even if you do not know how to create a scrapbook, you can learn how to with a few online tutorials. Read on to learn more.

Scrapbooking Computers

Any computer that can accommodate Photoshop is a good computer for scrapbooking. Most computers considered good for art are perfect for scrapbooking seeing that it is also an art. If you have a computer already, you can use it for scrapbooking by installing the necessary software.

Ensure that you have a computer with high-quality graphics and resolution for scrapbooking software. A large screen makes you create your scrapbook with great precision and also view your book with ease. If you use the computer for other forms of art, ensure you have enough storage to create a complete studio.

Compare computers online in terms of RAM, ROM, and price. If the scrapbooking software requires Windows or Linux, choose a PC. For software that needs Apple OS, pick a Mac.

Scrapbooking Software

There are hundreds of scrapbooking software. The Photoshop Creative Suite is a great option when you need a simple scrapbook for family and friends. If you are an artist making scrapbooks to sell, pick Photoshop Elements as it gives you more features.

Do not be limited to the above two Photoshop apps as there are more choices for you. Consider the features offered by an app such as page flipping, easy photos and videos upload, and cloud storage among others. Again, consider ease of use and price.

An artist will find it easy to buy a scrapbooking program seeing that they will make money from it, but a person looking to keep family photos might find it challenging to buy the software. Luckily, there is a horde of free scrapbooking software for those who do not want to buy. Just choose wisely.

Learn from Tutorials

There are lots of online tutorials, from which one can learn how to scrapbook. Learning how to make a scrapbook is easy. The main thing you will have to learn is how to use a scrapbooking software. Furthermore, a good software will come with user instructions.

There are lots of free resources for a yearning scrapbooker. Some of the most popular include Scrap Girls, Scrap Stacks, Jessica Sprague and Creative Live among others. Learning how to scrapbook will only take a few days, especially for a person who is used to design software.

Have Fun Scrapbooking

You can start scrapbooking today with a simple computer and a good scrapbooking software. You can do this for fun, or you can do it for a living if you are an artist. Digital scrapbooks are long lasting, look lovely, and they also give you the same experience as a physical scrapbook.

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